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picture of oxidizer tank

Hydrogen Peroxide Compatible Propellant Tank

SpeedUpís first product is a flight-weight propellant tank. Shown above is the 30 gallon (114 liter) size. The tank is 16 inches diameter and the overall length including the valves is 58 inches. Other sizes are also available. The tank comes with two actuated ball valves: one on top for fill/vent, and one on the bottom for engine feed. The ball valve actuators can either be pneumatic with a pilot solenoid or brushed DC motor. Also included are a pressure relief valve and pressure transducer.

All materials of construction are hydrogen peroxide compatible, and cleaned for hydrogen peroxide service. Some parts are PVC so the tank should only be used as a short term run tank, not a long term storage tank. The tank is also compatible with a wide variety of other room temperature liquids and gasses. Please contact us for questions about your specific application.

The tank has a minimum burst pressure of 300 psig, and every tank will be proof tested to this pressure before delivery to the customer. At this pressure rating, the tank is probably most suitable for a pump-fed or upper-stage application, although it could be used for a high thrust-to-weight, pressure-fed, sea-level engine in an application where specific impulse is less important, such as a strap-on booster.

The total mass of the system including the valves is 12 kilograms, and if filled to the top with 98% hydrogen peroxide it can hold 160 kilograms of propellant.

The price for the 30 gallon size is $6000. Discounts are available to educational institutions. We are still in the early stages of deploying this product, so if you have ideas for features you would like please contact us.

To order, email rsteinke@bresnan.net or call 307-460-3172.